Livingston Armytage AM

Livingston is Director of the Centre for Judicial Studies. He is a specialist in justice reform and judicial education. After practicing law, he has worked across Asia and the Pacific for the past twenty years. He also currently serves as Technical Director for the Federal Court of Australia in the Pacific Judicial Strengthening Initiative, which provides support to courts, judges and court officers across the region.

Livingston is Adjunct Professor Law at the University of Sydney, teaches in the postgraduate program at ANU, and is a Visiting Fellow of the University of Cambridge. His doctorate ‘Reforming Justice’ was published by Cambridge University Press in 2012. He was recognised in the 2019 Honour's Day list for his "significant service to civil justice, nationally and internationally".

Other books include ‘Educating Judges’ (Brill, 2015), and ‘Searching for Success in Judicial Reform’ (OUP, 2009). For examples of work, visit: